Hello!  This years celebration is October 1-7, 2017

I can't wait to see everyones postcards this year!

So far swappers this year include:


Trinidad and Tobago


Brenda - Florida
Deborah - Texas
Demaris - Texas
Brian - Oklahoma
Justin - Oklahoma
LaDonna - Oklahoma
Karen - Virginia
Deb - Michigan
Suzanne - Missouri
Linda - Florida

International Postcard Week
October 1-7, 2017

God Bless America

Cub Scout Pack 229
St. Martin, Mississippi
Cub master Suzanne Davenport

Our Cub Shouts would like to send a little Mississippi hospitality your way.  This was taken at our very fist Pack meeting which happened to be during IPW!

A Scout is... Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent.
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Happy International Postcard Week!

This beautiful drawing is from Ciara Whitworth and is postmarked from Canada.
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Water Taxi Terminal
San Fernando, Trinidad

International Postcard Week
October 1-7, 2017

Designed by Nalini Mohammed

Warm Caribbean greetings from Trinidad and Tobago.  This is a photo I took one morning while waiting to board the water taxi.
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International Postcard Week
October 1-7, 2017

Hello from Deborah Ashley and Happy International Postcard Week!

This is a first for me on multiple accounts:  my first time participating in International Postcard Week and my first time sharing my art!  I painted the apple on this post card just weeks ago and now declare myself an artist sharing my art with the world!

Thank you for sharing both of these firsts with me!

All the best, indeed!

Deborah Ashley
Limited edition # 11 of 100
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Thank you Deborah for sharing your beautiful apple!  For sure you are a true artist.
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International Postcard Week
October 01-01, 2017

This postcard is from artist Brian Fuchs and is number 13 of a limited edition of 100.  His website is www.brianfuchs.com
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International Postcard Week
October 1-7, 2017

Hampton Oysters

12 oysters
4 springs onions finely chopped
1 slice of wholemeal bread crumbs
28 grams (1 ounce) mature cheddar cheese grated
fresh ground black pepper

Preheat grill
Mix bread crumbs, onions and cheese, season with black pepper

Scrub, open and loosen oysters, leave fish in deeper side of shell

Place stuffing under and over the top of oysters

Place on baking tray and grill until crisp and golden


One of six recipe sculptures along the Arun river Boardwalk, Littlehampton, England

Demaris Swint
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International Postcard Week 2017
October 1-7

I exchange quirky, off-beat, artsy non-touristy postcards as well as my own one-off collage, mixed media and altered postcards with folks all over the world.  I'm a member of Postcrossing and active in a number of groups on Swap-bot.  I love mail art and spend more money on postage than I do on food!  This is the first year I've participated in IPW and the first time I've made copies from one of my hand made postcards.

May your mailbox be full of wonderful surprises!
Linda Ballou

This is postcard number 3 in a limited edition of 25.
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Whooooo is celebrating International Postcard Week? Owl bet it is you!
This Eastern Screech Owl is hoping this special week is a hoot.
This card is from Brenda in Orlando, Florida
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International Postcard Week
October 1-7, 2017

Oh! kangaroos, sequins, chocolate sodas!
You really are beautiful! Pearls,
harmonicas, jujubes, aspirins!
all the stuff they've always talked about
 still makes a poem a surprise!
These things are with us every day
even on the beachheads and biers.
They do have meaning.  They're strong as rocks.

-Frank O'Hara, 1950

This postcard is from Justin Ward.
It is number 8 in a Limited Edition of 50.
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International Postcard Week
October 1-7, 2017

Demaris sitting on the longest bench in the UK.  Littlehampton on the English Channel

This 324-metre long cultural structure twists and winds its way along Littlehampton seafront between two striking metal shelters.

Demaris Swint 


  1. Thanks to Demaris for sending us a postcard. We received it today. She is sharing a fabulous life.

  2. Hi, today i get your very nice postcard. THANK YOU Max(regen99) from Germany