people who are swapping in 2014


Luke - Indonesia

10 Cards Only

Julie - Philippines
Geraldine - Singapore
Kathi - Arizona, USA
Julie - Illinois, USA

Here are the cards I have received so far....

From Dana Nicole in Kansas, USA

Greetings from Kansas!
I thought this photo best represented the region that I live in.  Kansas is known as the "Sunflower State," and it is not uncommon to see sunflower fields like this one in our area.
- - -
From Demaris Swint in Alamo, Texas

For six months in 1969, Niagara's American Falls were turned off by the Army Corps of Engineers.  Part of that time workers cleaned the former river-bottom of unwanted mosses, drilled test-cores in search of instabilities and a temporary walkway was built twenty feet from the edge of the dry falls.  Tourists were able to explore the landscape.
Art by Rick Geary
- - -
From Demaris Swint in Alamo, Texas

Elaine's Chocolate Mousse in a Blender
You can substitute any liquid.
- - -
From Mary Ellen Bertram in Illinois, USA

"Cakeway to the West"
Celebrating 250th Anniversary
St. Louis Missouri
St. Louis founded 1764
Old Post Office opened 1884.

Although there is no mention of International Postcard Week on the front, she did write it on the back of the card.
- - -
From Katy in Texas, USA

Exploring the World and making friends...one postcard at a time!
- - -
From City in Main, USA

Hello in several languages
Limited edition of 100
- - -
This is from Gerda in Belgium
Hello from Belgium! (Featuring the Belgium Flag)
- - -
From Claude in Quebec, Canada

My art postcard represents Canada's 22nd Regiment's mascot named Baptiste, stationed in old Quebec City Citadel. Very popular attraction for tourists who are able to see the goat parading every afternoon in our summertime accompanied by military music.
- - -
From Benita Ann Entz in Oklahoma

Global Airmail with Planet Earth
Many miles of travel throughout the postcard world
- - -
From Terri Adams in Utah, USA
Vintage Hotel Memorabilia

Greetings from Utah! I am one of those crazy people collection postcards for many years.  I have so many I lost count.  Now it's time to figure out how to organize them.  Happy Posting ... Let us all keep the Post Office busy!
Limited Edition of 30
- - -
From Michelle Mullins, Florida, USA

Mountainberry Hideaway by R.L. Mullins
A love drawing from my husband after our first camping trip together at Indian Creek Campground on the Cherokee Reservation at the southern edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
Limited Edition of 50
- - -
From Hali in Pennsylvania, USA

Adventure is Worthwhile. - This postcard was made with hand stamps. 
- - -
From Dulcey Miller in New Hampshire 

Designed by Dulcey Miller on a Sunny Saturday in August 2014
- - -
From Kati in Finland

(Although it is not printed on the front - International Postcard Week is printed on the back...)

International Postcard Week
October 5th -11th 2014

Scuba diving is my passion and I wanted to show you something of my latest adventure underwater.  These pictures were taken around Santa Maria Island in the Azores September 2014.
- - -
From Stephanie Ryan, Delaware, USA

World Flags
- - -
From Tamara Lewis in Oregon, USA

Pictures on the front: Snoqualmie Falls located in Washington State, Kites on the beach in Long Beach, Washington and Tamara and Alan.
- - -
From Tanya Mattson in Pennsylvania, USA

People Around the Globe
- - -
From Michelle in Hawaii, USA

One Kind Word can change someone's entire day
The Golden Rule

I'm so happy to be participating in my first international postcard week!
This card represents what postcard swaps and Postcrossing mean to me: the chance to brighten someone else's day, even if they are on the other side of the world.

So, I hope this card brightens your day!
May your mailbox always be full,

- - -
From Brenda Perez, Florida, USA

Living in a Postcard, Palm Beach, Florida
My husband and I were in the Palm Beach, Florida Airport this year and look what we found... A Giant postcard to take your picture with!

Take care and blessing until next year,
- - -
From Brenda Perez - Florida

Hello and thank you for celebrating International Postcard Week!
My name is Brenda Perez and I have collected postcards for many year snow.  You can see some of my postcards on my blog... www.9teen87sPostcards.blogspot.com
Limited Edition of 250.
Art by Rick Geary

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