This years cards are:

From Caro Lina in Belgium

International Postcard Week
4-10 Oktober 2015


I'm Caro Lina, this is my first time that i send postcards for the international postcard week, i live at the beach in Belgium, i love it here that's why i choose this beautiful picture and show it to the whole world  :D

Wish you all the best
from Caro

Limited Edition # 5 of 50.

(The picture on the front is of the lighthouse and Promenade Pier  on Ostend Beach.) 
- - -
From Demaris Swint in Texas, USA

Traveling the Postcard Life

International Postcard Week
October 4-10

Giant Buddha Lishan
Terra Cotta Warriors
Great Wall of China
Temple of Heaven

Her trip was from Alamo, Texas to Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Shanghai and then back to Texas. 

The back reads:
For two weeks this summer I traveled to China and had an amazing time visiting many UNESCO sites, as well as many other fun places.  I found lots of wonderful postcards and made many new friends.

Happy International Postcard Week,

Check out the artist at: RickGeary.com 
- - -

From Barbara Turnbull in Texas, USA
Texas Butterfly Festival
- - -
From Brenda Perez, Florida, USA
The Capitol Building in Havana, Cuba is about half way done being refurbished. - 2015
Photo: Rick and Brenda Perez, This postcard is a limited edition of 100.
- - -
From Kati Laasonen in Finland
A Picture of a Longnose Hawkfish in Fan Coral.  The picture was taken in the Galapagos Islands on 6-9-2015. 
- - -
From Nalini Mohammad in Trinidad and Tobago 

International Postcard Week
October 4-10, 2015
Caribbean Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago

Designed by Nalini Mohammed

The little 'snail mail' snails make me smile.  :D
- - -
International Postcard Week
October 4 - 10, 2015

Covered Bridge
Albany, Oregon
Limited Edition Postcard # 3 of 50.

This is unused and signed by Chris Carney. 
- - -

This is from Demaris Swint in Texas, USA

Celebrate International Postcard Week 
October 4-10, 2015 with
Gow Gees (Pot Stickers)

The back of the postcard reads:
I hope you like this recipe for pot stickers.  I had many different flavors while visiting china this year.

Enjoy the day!
- - -
From Tamara, Lewis, Oregon, USA
Hello, Happy International Postcard Week!
I have had such a fabulous year - I just want to share it with everyone.  I celebrated the 4th of July with my new finance, traveled to Crater Lake with my daughter and saw the joy on my son's face as he traveled to Scotland with his new girlfriend. 
Best Wishes, Tamara
- - -

From Ann Milne, United Kingdom

International Postcard Week
October 4-10, 2015

Both of these cards features dolls and postcards and were designed by Sheila from A Postcard a Day.
 - - -
From Brenda Perez,  Florida, USA
Hello and Happy International Postcard Week 2015!

This postcard celebrates the re-establishing of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba.  For the first time since 1961, embassies have been established in each other's capital. 

My husband and I had the great pleasure of visiting Cuba during these historic times.  The people there are beautiful on the outside and the inside.  In old Havana many of the buildings are being refurbished or rebuilt, and it looks amazing! 

The picture on the front of this postcard was done by the renowned artist Rick Geary and symbolizes the renewed bridge between these two countries which are only 90 miles apart.
Happy Collecting,

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